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A solid Solution for a Green Water Treatment Program !


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Solid Water Treatment

Solid Products are the latest concept in Green Chemical Treatment. Solids are easier and safer to handle.  M.I.S. of America is the EnduroSolv distributor for New York State, Northern Pennsylvania, and North East Ohio.  

The EnduroSolv system was nominated for the Presidential Green Chemistry Award in 2007 and the system has been recognized by the US EPA that it " clearly demonstrates both technical excellence and a commitment to protecting human health and the environment"

EndroSolv also fulfills the requirements of the NY State Executive Order Number 4 concerning recycling and reduction of pollution.  

Why a Solid Treatment Program?

  • Uses the latest innovations in chemical water treatment 
  • Selected ingredients are environmentally friendly
  • State of the art formulations
  • Concentrates are in paste form
  • Packaged in one gallon, recyclable plastic bottles 

How is it dispensed?

  • The Solv-All Ultima dispensing system is mounted on a wall
  • A 3/8" water line is connected to the dispenser
  • The chemical bottle is placed in the dispenser
  • A float inside opens the valve allowing water to spray into the bottle
  • The water reconstitutes the solid chemical back to liquid 
  • Your existing pumps and controllers feed the product into the system

Why EndroSolv?

  • The most complete Line of Solid Treatment Formulations
  • Recognized by the U.S. EPA
  • Meet's the EPA's 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • May assist your Building in Qualifying for LEEDS Points towards Green Certification

Some of the Most Important Advantages of EndroSolv

  • Eliminates Handling Hazardous Chemicals
  • Reduces Possibility of Worker Injuries
  • May reduce Insurance Cost (or Experience ratings)
  • One Case (44lbs) is equivalent to approximately 55 gallons (500 lbs) of Liquid Treatment
  • Less Storage Space Required
  • No drums to triple rinse and dispose of