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Pumps & Controllers

  1. Chemical feed pumps:
  2. Safe, precise application of your water treatment chemicals.

    Here are a few examples of the pumps that are in stock and can be shipped out today:

    Pulsatron Series A+ pump:  LB64SA-PTC1-XXX 

    Pulsatron Series T7 pump: LC64BA-PTC1-XXX

    Chem-Tech Peristaltic pump: XP023LAHX

  1. Boiler and Cooling Tower Controllers:

  2. Help to Automate your systems, anything from a simple timer all the way up to remote control and monitoring of multiple Feed applications (inhibitor and dual biocide), Bleed, Flow, and Conductivity.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Pulsafeeder Cooling Tower Controller: MVS1PA-XXX
    • Pulsafeeder Boiler Controller: MVBXPHXX000-XXX
    • Advantage Digital Timer with 2 outputs: Nano-F2
    • Advantage Tower Controller: Nano-C

    Trusted manufacturers Including: Pulsafeeder, Advantage, Walchem, LMI, etc.

  3. Circulating Pumps
  4. Bell and Gossett, Taco, and Armstrong circulating pumps and parts for your heating and cooling systems.

  5. Condensate Pumps

We also carry the full line of return tanks and fully assembled systems for your steam condensate.