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Syracuse, NY Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Water is the most precious natural resource the world has, and it used by a variety of industries that range from beverage production to heating and cooling. At MIS of America, we service a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers, from small ice rinks to medical facilities. If you have a cooling tower that needs service in Syracuse, MIS of America is your option for reliable, effective assistance.

Water Treatment Services

MIS of America is available to perform monthly tests on your towers to determine the effectiveness of your water treatment programs. Our services include recommendations for water treatment services with specifically designed chemicals that treat and prepare water for use in industrial and commercial applications, such as heating, cooling, or even dry cleaning.

Our certified technicians will perform all tests with customers present, when possible, so we can effectively explain our results and make recommendations for different cooling tower water treatment programs if necessary.

Tackling the Legionella Outbreak

The number of legionella cases in cooling towers across the area has increased in recent years, and if you've encountered this problem in your New York state facility, we can help. MIS of America offers a Legionella Management Plan to all customers with cooling towers in need of water treatment services. Cooling towers are a major source of legionella, and we have the know how to help your facility establish an effective plan to prevent outbreaks in the short and long term.

Family Owned

Our company is a proud, family owned business that has been in business for more than 40 years now. In that four decades of service to cooling tower water treatment customers in Syracuse, NY, we've not only obtained the experience to help customers from various industries, we've also developed our own chemical formulas for specific regions and states.

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MIS of America has experience with a variety of systems, ranging from those that deal with environmental comfort (heating and cooling) to production (cooling for plastic mold injection). If you're in need of cooling tower water treatment services for your cooling tower or other water facilities, please give us a call today to schedule an onsite evaluation with one of our certified technicians.