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Rochester Cooling Tower Water Treatment

MIS of America is your Rochester, N.Y. cooling tower water treatment experts. Our team provides a wide range of services for numerous businesses and organizations within the Rochester area. We work with everyone from local ice rinks to large hospitals. The solutions we develop are for low, medium, and high hardness water levels, providing a full scope of services to all of today's local needs. Our processes are designed to condition water properly so that it can be used efficiently and effectively in commercial or industrial manners.

How Our Cooling Tower Water Treatment Solutions Can Help YouRochester Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Why use our cooling tower water treatment in Rochester? Our chemicals and advanced solutions are a key part of the preventative maintenance program that can help to reduce the effects of corrosion and scaling. Ultimately, the use of these cooling tower water treatments actually saves money by reducing the number of repairs and replacements necessary and ensuring systems remain up and operational.

We carry a full line of solutions including biodispersants and biocides in solid, stick, or liquid form. Choose products including those that prevent white rust on galvanized cooling towers. We have a well maintained Legionella Management Plan in place that helps to minimize the risks of this very worrisome component of the process.

We Stand Out From the Rest

The best reason to turn to MIS of America for your water treatment service is because we're a dedicated, hard-working team with years of local experience. After 40 years, we are still a locally owned business that takes every step to help meet our customers' needs even in an ongoing challenging environment. We're happy to talk to you and offer solutions that address your specific areas of concern. We also provide solutions that you can rely on for any area of concern.

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For water treatment testing or complete service, contact MIS of America today. We're happy to help you to resolve any areas of concern or improve the commercial or industrial operation you are managing. Expect outstanding service from our trusted team of experts and dedicated staff.