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Erie, PA Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Erie, PA Cooling Tower

Give your family the best water you can, straight from nature's source, through your cooling tower. M.I.S. of America and its families have been living by this mission for years. And if there is one thing we've learned from servicing the cooling towers of Erie, PA, it's that only proper cleaning and maintenance will give you the cool, drinkable, bacteria-free water you desire.

Our services include on-site testing of your water, right in front of you or one of your staff members, so you can be sure your cooling tower is getting the results you want.

Water Treatment with M.I.S.

Our water treatment experts handle everything from ice arenas to hospitals and the high-grade chemicals can handle all levels of water hardness. These chemicals help reduce the effects of scaling and corrosion, common in almost all water cooling tower situations but also very costly in the long run. Additionally, we carry:

  • Biodispersants
  • Biocides in liquid, solid, or stick form
  • White rust prevention solution

Cooling Tower Cleaning

We offer three parts to our cooling tower cleaning and maintenance service.

  1. Fan Housing Cleaning and Maintenance: We start by carefully scrubbing and disinfecting the fan housing because although it easily builds up with bacteria, most chemical treatments will not reach it. Your M.I.S. expert ensure the area will not be a source of airborne pathogens and they will minimize the risk of corrosion to this part.
  2. Basin Cleaning and Maintenance: Tower basins are large volume areas that see large amounts of water and oxygen at any one time, perfect for expediting the rapid growth of bacteria. Your M.I.S. expert will clean clean, disinfect and chemically treat your tower basin at the start or end of your cooling season for an enhanced water treatment program.
  3. Distribution Pan Cleaning and Maintenance: When normal filtration doesn't catch all of the debris, it builds up and can reduce the water flow in your cooling tank. Have one of our experts open up and clean out any clogged distributors.

Left untreated, many Erie, PA cooling tower water treatment systems sit infested with bacteria or rusting. Contact us to have your tower maintained by M.I.S. of America today.