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Binghamton, NY Cooling Tower Water Treatment

M.I.S. of America, Inc. was founded in 1972 and has become a major supplier of water treatment products in the northeast. Today, we service a variety of clients, from ice rinks to hospitals, throughout the Binghamton, NY and surrounding area.


Water treatment has changed greatly since we started, which is why we see the value in scouring the market for technology and methods that are new, green and efficient. There is always something new; there is always something to be learned.


That philosophy, to use only the best materials and products, keeps our offerings growing, now to include lab analysis and training for NYS 7G licenses. Day and night, we are here to serve. Our experts are on call in case of emergency, or just an innocent query, and they are ready to help you in any way they can.


Binghamton, NY Water Cooling Tower

The Cooling Tower

Cooling towers seem to all be the same: tall concrete cylinders used to condense steam into water during a treatment process.


Why do businesses in Binghamton choose M.I.S. of America for cooling tower water treatment?


It's all about our chemicals and advanced preventative maintenance program. If our clients know that they can reduce the effects of corrosion and scaling using our products, why wouldn't they choose us over the competition? They save valuable money because they don't need to repair or replacement their cooling tower as often as they did with our competitors.

Water Treatment

Our water treatment chemicals for cooling towers are developed for low, medium, and high hardness water. They're specifically designed to condition water that is used for either industrial or commercial purposes.

Included in our products on offer are:

  • Full line of solutions, including biodispersants and biocides in solid, stick, or liquid form.
  • Preventative products for white rust on galvanized cooling towers.
  • Legionella Management Plan to minimize the risks of the bacteria that is known to cause Legionnaires' disease and Pontiac fever.

Additionally, we perform on-site monthly tests so that regular small adjustments can be made over time rather than retroactively fixing a larger problem.

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We are what we drink and we all deserve to drink the purest water that was treated with little impact on the earth. If you agree, give us a call for your free consultation and quote.