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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

At M.I.S. of America, we handle various cooling accounts, which range in size from a small ice rink to a large-scale hospital. Our water treatment chemicals for cooling towers are developed for low, medium, and high hardness water. They're specifically designed to condition water that is used for either industrial or commercial purposes. 

Legionella Management Plan For Your Cooling Tower

These chemicals are part of a preventative maintenance program to help reduce the effects of scaling and corrosion, which saves money in the long run through fewer repairs and keeps the towers running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, we carry biodispersants and biocides in liquid, solid, or stick form, as well as a product to prevent white rust in new, galvanized cooling towers. The biggest issue with cooling towers is of course Legionella. We can help your facility establish a Legionella Management Plan, which is new and still evolving. 

M.I.S. Of America: Experienced and Family Owned Company

With over 40 years of business experience, we are a small, family owned business and believe in taking those extra steps to keep our customers satisfied. Not happy with your current supplier? No problem! An experienced M.I.S. of America representative will gladly come to your site, take a look at any problems and recommend the best water treatment solution to fit your needs.

Water Treatment Testing

Additionally, we perform on-site monthly tests. These are performed in front of clients whenever possible to ensure that any adjustments that need to be made are discussed and taken care of immediately. Our experts always have our customer's best interest in mind. We have experience in solving many different water treatment problems and consistently check the marketplace for new or improved products to better satisfy our customers. 

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Over the years, we have helped many companies clean their systems, which have been fouled or scaled due to common misconceptions that are in this industry. Let us help you. Call us today at 1-800-688-3758.